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EPC Solutions

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Engineering, Procurement And Construction (EPC)

Failte Solar gives full-fledged customized arrangements for the effective establishment and execution of solar PV projects. Our in-house plan and production teams bring inventiveness and development over all the stages of the venture. This comprises of location and innovation evaluationmanagement using the already available energy foundationmaterial acquirement and logistics, and extend design.

Our group of specialists gives a part of center on keeping up high quality, on-site supervision, security measures, and timeline management to guarantee convenient installation additionally increment customer’s return on venture. Time and again, Failte Solar has conveyed the leading yield at each level of the EPC esteem chain management. Our services bouquet include.

ENGINEERING – We develop solar plants with optimum PV output intended to accomplish the most cost-effective means of electricity supply for all our clients.

PROCUREMENT & PURCHASING – We maintain a professional and trustworthy network with top tier vendors in India & across the globe, and this enhances our capabilities with respect to procuring the best quality products for the best prices from the market.

PRODUCTION – We have a very well-facilitated in-house manufacturing unit that is highly efficient and produces high quality solar panels that are high on performance and helps in achieving desired performance results for our clients.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – We take care of every aspect starting from planning and installation and also monitor the performance of the projects to maintain the highest quality standards at all levels.

CONSTRUCTION – We take care of all the rules and regulations while planning and managing the processes pertaining to the construction stage and we undergo the various levels in quality checks to bring out the best output. We also have a very good team taking care of the financial affairs particularly in the lines of unmatched quality products for the best prices that is affordable and guarantee good performance.

COMMISSIONING – We go through a lot of commissioning tests so as to ensure that every power plant that we install at our customers site is high on performance and designed to meet the exact requirement.

We have experience in the following areas of various industries.

  • Commercial retail space and large publicly and privately owned buildings
  • Government facilities and municipalities
  • Hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Schools and education institutions
  • Agricultural areas such as land and farms
Altered Strategies. Consumer fulfilment

Project Management

Failte Solar has long periods of involvement in client prerequisite investigation and this is the reason we can convey the privilege solar energy solutions dependent on individual needs of our customers. Our center is to convey high caliber and elite driven plans and frameworks that are solid and simultaneously financially savvy for our customers.

Our project development and management services are conveyed by the best groups ready. The services incorporate:

  • Energy Audit
  • Equipment Supply
  • Getting statutory endorsements
  • Financing Options (Private PPA's)
  • Engineering and Technical Support
  • Framework Design and Engineering Layout
  • Accommodation of Subsidy records (if appropriate)

Solar energy systems need a different cost assessment relying upon the definite prerequisite in our customer’s PV Solar plants. Fund may again be a worry for little and medium estimated organizations. We at Failte Solar assistance by giving direction or references as for money related decisions for our customers to help them in the most ideal manner to improve their business execution.

Altered Financing Needs
We have joined forces with entrenched financial entities in order to encourage best budgetary decisions for our customers that help them introduce sun powered vitality frameworks at the best costs depend to encourage best monetary decisions for our customers that help them install solar energy systems at the best costs. Our financing suite incorporates:

  • Private PPA's (OPEX Model)
  • Solar Lease
  • CAPEX Purchase

Our financing arrangements are adaptable and based our customer’s prerequisites. You can get in touch with us straightforwardly to acquaint more on Failte Solar’s financing arrangements and how it very well may be of assistance your business change to Solar.

Solar Financing Options


CAPEX PurchasePrivate PPA’sSolar Lease
(OPEX Model)
One-time costNo upfront capital costZero or low upfront cost
Own the system hardwareHardware owned by 3rd paryHardware owned by 3rd pary
Progress payments during constructionPayment per kWh consumedRecurring payment for hardware lease
Extended Performance Guarantee

Operating And Maintenance Management (O&M)

The average life span of Solar PV plants is about 25 years. Towards the end the wear and tear reflects in the diminishing performance levels of most of the plants that are low on periodic maintenance. We at Failte Solar analyze the requirements of every client keeping in mind the maintenance aspect for Solar PV plant. We provide this service with perfection and dedication. The services comprises of:

  • Flexible ongoing support and maintenance contract options
  • Routine visual inspections
  • Contractor management
  • System performance testing and energy monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Energy audit reports
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • System monitoring and verification
  • Operation and maintenance guaranties

We have an assortment of services that caters to various Solar Energy needs. Our core services include the solutions providing for the cost effective Solar Powered Lighting, Solar Power backup Systems & Solar Hot Water Systems for Home/ Commercial/ Community Premises. These systems are cost effective, high on quality and at the same time eco-friendly. These solutions work as an excellent alternate medium of solar power to fight the frequent lighting fluctuation issues in many sites due to inadequate power supply.

Apart from the latest value-added solutions, Failte Solar also produces Crystalline solar PV Modules from 10Wp – 385Wp at our state-of-art manufacturing unit located at Shannon, Ireland. These Solar Modules are manufactured under the flagship of Failte Brand.

Eco-Friendly Systems. Diversified Services

Product Sales

Leveraging Production Globally


To take a quick leap on our milestone, Failte Solar was incorporated as a Solar Thermal Manufacturing & Supply Company. Within hardly a year of inception, we were the Company in Ireland to many certification for its Solar Thermal Products. Gradually we diversified our business and focused on Manufacturing & supply of Crystalline Solar PV Modules.

Our strength is our highly qualified and efficient product R&D team along with the technical experts who take care of all the manufacturing platforms with sincerity and maintain high quality standards while creating solutions for our clients. This helps us at Failte Solar to deliver top-tier module performance and reliability.

We at Failte Solar strongly believe that our customer satisfaction is very important keeping in mind the focus on delivering high quality services that guarantee high performance. We aim to achieve Market Leadership by way of innovative ideas, cost effective solutions, maintenance management and eco-friendly quality products and services. We help towards making a contribution towards creating a positive and productive working environment with the best use of solar energy.

Unmatched Excellence. Complete Customer Satisfaction

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Prompt Testing & Development

We at Failte Solar have a strong Research and Development Team with World-Class Testing facilities and good association with Leading R & D Institutes. This ensures continuous development of products.

Maintain Global Standards

Failte Solar handpicks the best and most suitable material for our modules by networking with the Industry’s leading component suppliers. 
Our products conform and are certified for IEC 61215 (Type Test), IEC 61730 (Part1 & 2, Fire Test), IEC 61701 (Salt Mist Corrosion test), Clean Energy Council (CEC, Australia) and also Failte Solar is certified with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001

Flexible Production

Failte Solar has its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and we have experienced manufacturing technology & equipment platforms allowing us to easily scale-up in response to global demand and implement the latest system-enhancing technologies as they come to market. Our manufacturing capabilities have increased tremendously over the years.

Long-Term Warranty

It is commonly seen that photovoltaic projects are based on high quality products that stand the test of time for project inputs ranging from engineering design to project financing. Failte Solar’s products have established a good brand name in terms of quality and performance metrics. Since we have a presence in diversified areas, our solutions pertaining to the Thermal and PV value chain helps a great deal in manufacturing high quality products and services for our potential clients.