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a walkable photovoltaic tile

Floor® is a walkable photovoltaic tile which, thanks to a new technology patented by Invent, offers the possibility of exploiting the soil for the installation of photovoltaics.

Thanks to this innovative product, the area dedicated to the production of green energy is expanded and reaches places never before considered.

Floor® by Invent makes it possible to transform inert flooring into living and active systems that capture the sun’s rays and create clean energy.

Having a photovoltaic system on the ground means having greater accessibility to the system, which translates into ease of installation and maintenance and therefore a reduction in installation, cleaning and maintenance costs.

The Floor® photovoltaic flooring system is a floating floor: it is installed in an elevated position with respect to the ground with an adjustable mechanical support.


when the night comes on

Even at night, Invent Floor® compositions will never remain in the shade!

A LED lighting system wisely inserted in the installation profiles will allow to appreciate the aesthetic value of the installation even at night and will give maximum functionality to the photovoltaic surfaces.

Pathways, walkways and entrances will be perfectly accessible and passable thanks to the LEDs that illuminate the paths, gently accompanying users.


Green was born to integrate harmoniously with gardens, green spaces and natural environments: the driveway of the house, the city park, but also agritourism contexts, rural areas and alpine areas.


Gray is perfect for installations in business and commercial centers: a modern and minimal touch, to make work and leisure buildings even more elegant.


Brown is the ideal choice in contexts that must preserve the natural aspect, first of all the mountain villages, where it is combined with the natural wood buildings that characterize the environment.


The delicate aquamarine of Teal is reflected in the blue of the sky and is reflected in the crystalline water of seas and lakes, as well as harmonizing with buildings of particular styles.


Gold is the glamorous touch that illuminates the entire Floor® range: shiny in combination with the iridescent white of buildings and monuments, natural in combination with sand or barren earth, sparkling in commercial areas or on corporate buildings.


Black, the timeless elegance of black, which enhances everything that surrounds the tiles of this color and releases the maximum possible energy.


no aspect has been overlooked

The Floor® photovoltaic flooring system is technically a floating floor: it is in fact installed in an elevated position with respect to the ground through the use of an adjustable mechanical support, which distances it from the ground to a height between 3.5 and 5 cm .

In this space that is created it is possible to house the electrical connections, which therefore, also in the future, will be easily accessible for inspections, maintenance and interventions – below a normal system installed on the roof.

The Floor® flooring is composed of photovoltaic tiles with a glass surface 70 × 103 cm, which can be laid and laid as desired. In the design phase, you can therefore think of having “simply” dealing with tiles: it is after the installation that the magic will take place, and each panel will come to life and produce energy.

The Floor® flooring will also be completely walkable: the glass that composes the tiles is tempered with a special process that makes it non-slip and can withstand a weight of 200 kg / m2 and a version with a greater capacity will soon be available.

Each photovoltaic tile is composed of 24 cells with a power of 100/120 W depending on the color, with a glass thickness of 20 mm, without aluminum frames. The glass-like conformation allows the most free modulation and creativity in the assembly of the panels and an excellent aesthetic rendering.


beauty meets technology

Instead of the classic paving made of asphalt, concrete, plates or slabs of various materials, it is now possible to install the Invent Floor® photovoltaic tile system and animate the soil with new energy, transforming the soil on which we walk into a further source of energy: the energy of the sun which is now also born from the earth.

Floor® by Invent greatly multiplies the possibilities of creating clean energy: even those who do not have enough surface on roofs and roofs to install photovoltaic systems will be able to marry the green philosophy and make their home or company an environmentally sustainable place and in harmony with the environment.

This is also the mission of Invent which, with this latest invention, wanted to offer a further opportunity to get in touch with nature and to respectfully grasp the energy that the sun gives to the Earth. With the aim of creating a new world, finally founded on harmony and respect for the environment: the vision of Invent.

Having a photovoltaic tile on the ground, in addition to making fertile, fruitful, a larger area than that available on the roofs, also means greater accessibility, which translates into ease of installation and maintenance and therefore, potentially, also in reducing the costs of installation, cleaning and maintenance.

A photovoltaic that is therefore more flexible and more accessible, more adaptable and more inviting: to do good for the environment, to improve our quality of life.

Floor® joins the already established range of Invent photovoltaic design modules to be placed on the roofs and walls of buildings and able not only to transform sunlight into clean energy for man, but also to offer high aesthetic value and, for companies, to convey the identity features of their brand.

And also Floor® does not renounce to design and aesthetic impact: six are the available finishes, to be chosen according to the surrounding environment, or by affinity with one’s own brand identity, or, again, to be mixed and combined at will for create patterns, graphic effects and patterns.