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Why Failte Solar?

Solar is at the brink of grid parity in comparison with conventional sources of energy and is expected to grow exponentially in the next decade making solar energy highly cost-effective for all users. Being an Irish brand we have the opportunity to leverage our in-depth knowledge and economies of scale to be more competitive in open markets. We intend on being a true global leader in manufacturing and have plans for entire value chain security in order to be a world-class solar solutions provider in Ireland and in the global market.
Patrick J Marsh
Founder & Director
More than an industrial venture, Failte Solar is a mission to provide clean, reliable, environment-friendly, competitive electrical energy around the world to save our planet for our future generations
Abhilash Borana
Co-founder & CEO

Headquarters in Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland

International Team

Irish Brand

Solar Module Range:

Standard Poly, MONO PERC, Total Black, Double Glass, Half-Cell. Bifacial and Flexible panels

Annual Capacity 250MW

Active in more than 5 countries.

In-house reliability testing capability for solar modules to ensure high-quality standards.


25 Years (Standard Panels) 30 Years (Double Glass Panel)

Partner of SOFAR Solar, Dyness, MiBet, Invent, iLuman, EET, Borana Pumps.

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